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Stage Plays

Black Feather Theatre Company is a traveling company, and as such, *we have the ability to bring the theatre directly to your school, community, business, or organization. Please submit a request for more information on available dates and pricing. Each play/skit includes a talkback session.

*Running times will vary based on your specific needs.

Some travel shows may be combined to create a short play series.

Queen Mary's Roundtable

Written and Directed by Yao Kahlil Newkirk, this short play, Queen Mary's Roundtable, is based on a real life hero in Black History, Mary B. Talbert, also the great, great, great aunt of Yao Kahlil. In this production Mary's life as a civil right's activist is juxtaposed to that of an activist in 2020, almost 100 years after Talbert's final works. It ends during the time of George Floyd's execution and is followed by a talkback with audience members/participants.

This show is available for travel.

Cast Size: 3-6 (flex casting)

Appr. Running Time: 20-25 min. not including talkback



Dressing, by Mona Mansour, and Talah Manasseh is based on question of whether or not clothing makes a difference for hoe Black Americans are treated. Here, a mother is trying to convince her Black son to wear the button-up-the-front shirts, instead of the tee shirt and hoodie he insists is "cool." This piece is exceptional for all ages, especially school systems and educators alike.

This show is available for travel.

Cast size: 2

Appr. Running time: 20-25 minutes not including talkback


Night Vision

Night Vision by Dominique Morisseau takes deep dive into the stereotypes of Black men in hoodies, and how they are received by the people who look like them. A married couple experience the troubles with perception vs. reality.*

This show is available for travel.

Cast size: 2

Appr. Running Time: 20 minutes not including talkback

*Explicit/Graphic Language used

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