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Thank you visiting Black Feather Theatre Co.! We are a traveling multifaceted arts company and are proud to be added to the short list of National Black Theatres in the U.S. We are committed to highlighting the work and experiences  of artists, designers, and the various communities of the Black diaspora. Thank you in advance for your participation and support! Fly High!

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Our Name

What does a black feather symbolize?

A black feather symbolizes a season of change and transformation. They carry messages of hope and optimism, and are a sign of protection and security.

But black feathers also symbolize a few other things!



Black is the color of death, but not in a bad way. The things that didn’t serve you are dying right before your eyes. It is a signal that you are about to level up, are growing and developing, and are ready for the next stage of life.

You are beginning to believe in yourself and trust yourself more. The black feather represents the death of your ego and a transition into who you truly are. . . Read More

The Hoodie Uninstallation Expereince


Apr 23 | 11:00

Mason O. Damon Auditorium

(Downtown Central Library)

Separation Anxiety.Uninstallation Poster.PNG

BFTC conducts interactive workshops that are socially driven and focus on engaging participants in various forms of communication that ultimately lead to strategies for the betterment of community and mankind.

CTC is a program developed to encourage local community members and leaders to have open dialogue about the various concerns and issues, social or other, that plague our schools, streets, and living spaces. CTC seeks to foster understanding, education, and empathy through acknowledgement, awareness, and ultimately ownership. These Conversation sessions are available in your area. We travel nationwide. Please contact BFTC about hosting a session.

BFTC produces various forms of art on stage which may include traditional and experimental works. We are a traveling company. Our artists are part of a growing ensemble that performs on stages created wherever the audience is. 

WBMC is a great tool for both artists and writers of all skill levels. Here, artists may present their works in progress or portions of completed works and receive feedback from fellow artists and guest artists in real time. Actors may practice their monologues, and writers can have their works read aloud. This is a great place to discover new writers, actors, and materials!

BFTC takes pride in highlighting our company members who have art that demands attention. Installations, varying slightly from our stage productions, may be immersive, interactive, static, performative, or other. Our installs are to be found throughout the greater Western New York region. Please contact us for more information on how to have a temporary or permanent installation display in your area. We travel nationwide.

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